jwilhunt (jwilhunt) wrote in gettin_real,

Finally.. Success!

Between December 2002 and July of 2003 I lost 70 pounds doing the Atkins plan. It was like the weight just melted off. Well, I gained most of that back. I have tried Dr. Phil, Weight Watchers and Thin Wihtin and I just decided that I needed to go back to low carb.

Well, I started it on Monday. I mean this Monday.. the 6th. I usually only weigh once a week and that is a strict rule I adhere to. Well, last night we had a fancy smancy dinner for work and they served carby-foods. I assumed that I had blown it for this week, but started LC again this morning. I jumped on the scales to see what the damage was and I had lost 4 pounds since Monday. Disclaimer: I know that it is water weight, but I will take it!

I might just get 50 pounds off before October!
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