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try again tomorrow

Well, I have not been doing well on the whole diet thing. what a shocker!! We hadn't gone to the grovery store yet, so we went out to dinner and lunch yesterday. And then out again today after church... We usually don't eat out that much at all, so this wasn't normal. I ate naughty, didn't drink very much water, the whole deal. I guess I will get back on the wagon tomorrow. How did everyone else do?
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I have been struggling myself. We are just so pressed for time lately that I do not have time for exercise and I just do not want to eat low carb since I am under so much pressure. I just weem to want comfort food. I know that these are all excuses, and I just need to get my priorities in order...
My husband and I are talking about going on a cruise and I am know that I am disappointed...I wanted to be thinner and we are talking about going soon. Now my goal is to lose a pant size by the time we go. I don't know...