tracy1030 (tracy1030) wrote in gettin_real,

Checking in....

Sorry everyone. I was hoping I'd get the chance to post more but I just don't have the time. My diet is going nowhere right now. I'm eating very healthy and I'm not overeating but I started tracking my calories and excercise and I definately need to eat less :( and obviously excersice more! I just can't find the time. I love to excercise but with my full time job, long commute and the baby wow it's harder then I thought it would be. I'm going to try and stay posistive and eventually loose that extra weight! Stay strong everyone. Also I wanted to tell everyone about an AWESOME free website called that you can track your weightloss, excerise, fitness and all that. They give you a free profile, there are message boards, fitness experts, and all that. It's a nice tool and I can access that sight at work so I've been using that. They have short but informative articles on every topic related to weight loss and fitness and well I can't believe it's free. Good luck everyone!
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