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Product review...

Er, sort of.  I just got out of the shower and thought to post this.  Ever wonder if those celulite reducing lotions work?  Jergans does.  I bought that either based off the reccemondation of a friend or decided to try it out based off the commericals (pretty sure this was the one my friend had told me about one night in IM).  I bought it in the hopes that it'd help me look good for my vaca 2 years ago.  Unfrotunatly I didn't buy it early enough nor was I extremly consistant with it. 

Since then though I have continued to use it.  again not consistantly but enough to notice a difference.  It does help you to firm up and gets rid of the nasty look you have going (if you're like me and have big thighs, pretty much all fat).  I should actually measure my thighs (not that I care to know how big they are) and keep a running tab.  I also need to start being consistant about it.  That and I need to get back on the diet and actually work out! 

At least I went out Saturday and walked around (outside) for a few hours.  :)  Better than nothing I suppose.

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