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A little ecouragement....

It's been ages since anyone's posted here.  Thought I'd post this little bit of encouragement.

Yesterday morning at work while I sat around with my carriers waiting on the truck we were talking about our weights, and all.  It was me, 2 other laides and a guy.  I forgot what was said but the guy said something about him weighing more than me.  I turned to him (a skinny little thing) and said I weigh more than you, after sizing him up quickly.  He said he didn't think so and I said I weigh over 180.  He was shocked. 

We were talking about being fat and all and joked about the fat redistributing.  it was pretty funny.

Here's the thing, before getting this job last year I weighed 10 punds less than I do now.  It's been discouraging seeing my weight go up those rare times I hop on the scale.  It finally dawned on me that though my weight has gone up, my clothes size hasn't. 

So the 10 pounds I put on?  A good chunk of that, if not all of it, is muscle.  :) 

It's not surprising when you think about all I do on Thursdays.  When I run the dock (work for a newspaper btw) I am pulling/pushing cages, skids, etc around.  I'm moving bundles of papers from point a to b.  When I have downed routes, I have to stack my papers up in my car then bag them all and pitch them as I drive.  Stacking carriers out is another thing I do. 

Bascially I do a lot of physical work and it's no surprise that I come home tired.  Since I only work like this once a week it takes longer for the waistline and everything else to trim down.  I was doing good with my bellydance workout video a few months ago, but my brother's wedding took over my life.  we beaded 70+ scarves for the wedding and it got to the point where I stopped working out when I came home from work because I needed to eat fast and then bead. 

Good thing I had been doing the workouts though.  I spent the night on the dance floor and those moves came in handy.  well, the muscles they worked that is.  I did one dance that I only lasted the entire song because of the workout video.  It was all leg muscles. 

gotta love the workout you get with middle eastern dancing.  :)
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