Doreen (whataworld) wrote in gettin_real,

small contribution to me

I havent been on the up and up as far as pro-actively trying to tone up and get back in shape but my one promise that i've made to myself is to eat a salad every day. no matter what other junk i pile on down, a salad as well.
i've kept it going for the past few days except about 2 days ago when russ came home with an in and out burger with fries and chocolate shake.... was too full the rest of the day to eat a salad... =P
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Nothing have i..kind of hard to get going on my own....starting monday i plan on eating salad and egg rolls....besides what other things i eat...
lol My late uncle used to always say, "I'll start my diet on Monday". This went on for years, in other words it was a joke, but one we still tell to this day. How many years after his passing.
Oh cool...
ohhhhhhh you evil evil person! hehehe Id sale Maddie for a in and out burger right now...LOL KIDDING! really just kidding! hehe :) it does sound really good though *big sigh* i might just have to splurge and eat one when i come home...oh with the grilled onions...*starts drooling*